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The Alamanni Museum

A Living Museum...

The last couple of years - in September 2001 - one new Museum was built in our beautiful City of Ellwangen: The Alamanni Museum - a living place of interest! With the help of significant archaelogical troves from all over the south of Germany, the Museum is presenting a survey of the last five centuries of our Alamanni ancestors.

In the centre of interest lies Lauchheim, which is a few kilometers located away from Ellwangen.Since 1986 they have found not only the biggest cemetery of the Alamanni over there, but also lots of jewelleries, weaponry or the related settlement with a manor household.

The following topics are dealt in great details in the Alamanni Museum in Ellwangen:

  • Weaving / Crafts 
  • The Alamanni were the first Christian in the South of Germany
  • Silver- & Goldsmith
  • Wooden Crafts

Original findings, restagings and interactive media animate the visitors to touch and participate. 

Come in and find out by yourself!!

Archaeologically Troves

Besides all the archaeologically troves you will find a lot more than that - for example stagings about different Situations of the Alamanni in everyday life.

The garden of the Museum with the Chapelle "Nikolauskapelle" is also integrated in the concept of it!

During the year you might get the chance to visit a special show with multifarious activities either for Kids or for Adults, a speech or anything else than that.

After your visit of the great Alamanni Museum you are invited to come in our Museum Shop or in the Cafeteria!