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Stadt Ellwangen

Ellwangen – your business location in a prime position

Companies in Ellwangen benefit from the excellent hard and soft location factorsww:

  • With its central location as a hub between North and South on the autobahn A7 and an IC stopping point, Ellwangen offers excellent accessibility.
  • Highly qualified and reliable employees are on the spot.
  • The extraordinary attractive Ellwangen is not only a good place to work but also to LIVE.
  • The school city Ellwangen is ideal for families - and also the small children are in perfect care.
  • Professional and managerial staff finds top conditions in Ellwangen: in 2016 and for the second time (the first was in 2013) the town was awarded the audit "Ausgezeichneter Wohnort für Fach- und Führungskräfte" (excellent place of residence for professional and managerial staff).
  • For its companies the municipal economic development makes everything possible.
  • Ellwangen and the region Ostwürttemberg (East Württemberg) have a lot to offer - and even more than you would think. The website "Ostwürttemberg is exciting" vividly demonstrates all possibilities.

Structural data of Ellwangen at a glance

state of data: Novembre 2020
Population (official update, 09/2019)

  • 24.487

Employment market

  • Employees subject to social security contributions at the place of work (06/2018): 12.993
  • Employees subject to social security contributions at the place of residence (06/2018): 9.925
  • Inbound commuters (06/2018): 7.718
  • Outward-bound commuters (06/2018): 4.657
  • Unemployment rate (10/20): 1.9%

Commercial premises

Fully developed in the commercial and industrial area Neunheim/Neunstadt: starting from EUR 80.00/sqm

Rates of assessment

  • Trade tax: 380%
  • Property tax A: 350%
  • Property tax B: 400%

Structure of establishments and enterprises

  • Commercial enterprises (12/2014) 1.815 *including those with employees not subject to social security contributions
  • Manufacture (12/2018) 36.6%
  • Services (12/2018) 44.1% *share of employees subject to social security contributions
  • Trade/Transport (12/2018) 18.4%

Companies at the site with more than 200 employees (selection)

  • EnBW ODR
  • Friedrich Kicherer
  • INNEO Solutions
  • Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Multipac Montage- und Verpackungsgesellschaft
  • Stengel
  • Varta Consumer Batteries
  • Varta Microbattery

Tourism (Statistical Office Baden-Württemberg 2018)

  • Accommodation: 21 (incl. camping sites)
  • Sleeping accommodations: 1.217
  • Arrivals: 55.435
  • Overnight stays: 103.615

POS for retail sector (MB Research 2020)

  • Ellwangen in total 193,64 million Euro
  • POS retail/inhabitant - EUR 7.859 €/inhabitant

Purchasing power (MB Research 2020)

  • Retail-relevant: EUR 6.972 €/inhabitant

Turnover ratio/Revenue index number (MB Research 2020): 132.7

Purchasing power index (MB Research 2020): 102.0

Retail trade centrality (MB Research 2020): 130.0

Market area (GMA)

  • Area I (Ellwangen, 09/2019): 24.487 inhabitants
  • Area II (rural district of Ellwangen): 14.973 inhabitants
  • Area III (extended catchment area): 9.899 inhabitants