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Stadt Ellwangen

And speaking of sport...

...exercise doesn't just keep you fit, it's fun, too!

One of the best ways to enjoy the rolling countryside is by bike - and there's a network of dedicated cycle routes around Ellwangen. There's a plenty of interesting trails too - for those, who love the challenge of walking.

Venture through a tranquil landscape, rich in natural history, flora and fauna and birdlife, an idyllic setting for gentle walks or more strenguous cycle tours - there are yo many delights to discover on your way.

Depending on how the mood takes you - why not try out the "Ellwanger Seenplatte" lake tour, ideal for families, or the more demanding "Kocher-Jagst Cycle Route", which will take you a few days

We shouldn't forget about the fascinating route, which follows the footsteps of the Romans, passing by the ancient Limes and leading to the historic village of Pfahlheim, Halheim and Rainau with their historic monuments from the Roman times. 

With so many attractive routes - Ellwangen is a perfect starting point to pursue your very own indivivual tour!

Interest in Fishing

Ellwangen and its surrounding areas fill a lot of possibilities to go fishing!

In Addition to our rivers, Ellwangen occupys lots of lakes to bath or to go fishing... A short choice of our lakes, for example...

  • Kressbachsee
  • Haeslestausee
  • Stausee Rainau-Buch

For more Information please contact the Tourist-Information in Ellwangen!