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Stadt Ellwangen

The Castle Museum - Ellwangen

In former times the castle accomodated the powerful rulers of the town behind its well-fortfied walls. In the interior, which was remodelled in the Baroque style, one can find traces of the former splendour. The Castle Museum invites the visitor to follow the footsteps of the Prince Provosts and the residents of the Castle. The diverse and clear evidences of the permanent and special exhibitions present the over 1200 years old culture and histroy of the region.

Of special interest are:
Baroque cribs with over 100 figures, throne room with royal fittings, cast iron work from Wasseralfingen, Faience tableware, paintings and doll's house museum.

A Wealth of History...

Meticulous attention to detail

Tiny plates, knives, forks, chairs, tables, pots and pans - all of them are miniature reproductions! Young and old will admire theses exquisite tiny toys and doll's houses made with such meticulous attention to detail.

Our ancestors must have been enchanted by them and you will be too - just visit the Castle Museum Ellwangen. In the Museum you can also discover how nobly the prince-provosts once dined.

Today, feel free to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Grand Hall by visiting one of the classical concerts held in July and August every year, which we can highly recommend.

Such a Wealth of Histroy - it's all in The Castle of Ellwangen!