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Stadt Ellwangen


Born in Aalen-Wasseralfingen

1946 - 1948
Academic Studies at the University of Schwaebisch Gmuend

1949 - 1951
Academic Studies at the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart

1954 - 1965
Teacher of Arts at "Schubart" High School in Aalen
In the following years he studied catholic theology in Tuebingen; after that: Priest Tutorial in Rottenburg

Ordination to the Priesthood

1971 - 1975
Vicar in Ulm

1975 - 1994
Priest in Rosenberg

Since 1995 he started to spend his retirement in our region.

The Artist-Priest Sieger Köder - Glowing Colours, Floating Figures

Inspired by Chagall and El Greco, the artist-priest Sieger Köder has created a cycle, consisting of 8 stained glass windows, to be found in the modern Church of the Holy Spirit. More of his artistic work can be seen in the Chapels of St. Francis and St. Michael.

The first principals of the buildings were the prince abbots of Ellwangen, following by the prince provosts from the beginning of 1460, who ruled in Ellwangen until 1802.

Such influential lines as the palatine line of the house of Wittelsbach or the Schoenborns, who were said to be "obsessed by the building-worm", resided in Ellwangen and brought with them such well-known artists and archictects as Balthasar Neumann, Maximilian von Welsch or Christoph Thomas Scheffler.

Works of Arts - Sieger Köder

Discover his Works of Arts in the following Buildings:

1.) The Church of the Holy Spirit

2.) Chapel St. Michael in The Basilica St. Vitus

3.) Chapel St. Francis in the Children Village "Marienpflege"

4.) Crib in The Baroque Church Schoenenberg

5.) Gate of the Chapel in the Mother House of St. Anna